A Trip To Mescal Movie Set

Yesterday we took a trip out to the Mescal Movie Set in Mescal, Arizona. For those of you who may not know, this is where they filmed such famous Westerns as Tombstone and The Quick and the Dead, among other lesser movies. It got it’s start in the early 1960s and was eventually acquired by Old Tucson Studios. It was used for many years although activity significantly diminished after 1995. About a year ago, Mescal was sold to a separate entity and they’re now in the process of renovating the area and revitalize for more film business, as well as tours for the general public.

Looking East- If you remember the movie “The Quick and the Dead,” Harod’s house was located at the end. It was blown up in the movie so today nothing exists.

As you can see from the above pictures, it’s a pretty desolate area and very windy and dusty. Just the place for that 1898s walking suit!

Here’s a few more views from inside the saloon:

This should look familiar- From “The Quick and the Dead”

The buildings are in various states of disrepair with the saloon, the building on the right, in the best state. Essentially, everything was left to deteriorate for over 30 years. By the way, the “brick” saloon is fake- the brickwork is an epoxy-resin.

Karin modeling her new 1898 walking suit:

We have a fun time out there and we’ll be posting a video about this on YouTube in the near future.

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