Lily Absinthe Sails Down The River Of No Return…

And just for a change of pace, today we’re going to take a brief look at movie costumes and specifically, one particular costume- one of Marilyn Monroe’s gowns from the movie River Of No Return. Set in the American Northwest in 1875, this movie centers around a widower Matt Calder (played by Robert Mitchum) who has just been released from prison after serving time for killing a man while defending another. He arrives in a boomtown in search of his son who had been left in the care of a dance hall singer named Kay (played by Marilyn Monroe). Needless to say, the plot continues from there and we’ll leave it to you, dear reader to chase down the rest. 🙂

River of No Return (1954) film poster.jpg

Naturally, where there are dance hall singers, there will be musical numbers and more so if the movie casts Marilyn Monroe. And of course, a singer needs a suitable dress…so here’s one:

River of No Return1

And here are few of more of the dress itself:

 Marilyn Monroe_Emerald Dress_River of No Return1


The dress is constructed from jade green velvet and is trimmed along the hem and edges with black embroidery along with beading. It appears that the velvet started out as a dark jade color but it’s no doubt experienced some fading over the years.

Marilyn Monroe_Emerald Dress_River of No Return4

Close-Up Of The Beadwork

And here’s nice view of Marilyn in the dress that shows the underskirt:

Marilyn Monroe_Emerald Dress_River of No Return2


From the pictures, it would appear that there was also a split underskirt of red chiffon and acts as a contrast to the overall green of the dress. Needless to say, the effect was dramatic as Marilyn performed her song and dance number. 😉

The movie itself was not particularly great and probably the best that could be said for it was that the scenery was excellent (it was filmed in Alberta, Canada). As a final note, the dress recently sold at auction for $525,000, proving that the mystique of Marilyn Monroe is still alive and well. 🙂

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