Eton Jacket Project No. 2 – Part 4

This is our fourth installment in a series of posts on the second of my Eton jacket projects. Here’s links to the previous posts:

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And a little more progress on the Eton jacket- the next step of attaching the collars will be an interesting on in that the top collar is attached to the facing and the under collar is attached to the jacket body/shell. First, to attach the top collar to the facings:

The view from outside- this will ultimately make up the “inside front” of the jacket and the lapels will be facing outwards.

The view from inside. Because of the curve of the collar, it’s necessary to clip notches (carefully) along the seam allowance.

A close-up of the inside of the top collar.

Next stop, attaching the undercollar to the jacket shell… 🙂





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