Mother’s Day & To Those Who Went Before Us


Since it’s Mother’s Day, I thought I’d take a moment to thank both my Mother and my Yaya (that’s Greek for grandmother) who unknowingly passed along the sewing gene to me. 🙂 Over the past year I have been taking a series of classes to improve my design and construction skills and it’s been a real learning experience (and a humbling one).

Despite the glamour and hype one sees in the media, fashion is ultimately about clothing and how it’s constructed and it’s critical that one has a knowledge of the inner workings. Fashion is a process of constant learning and refining and requires dedication.

My Yaya supported herself and a family of four girls through sewing and she was a master of the art and craft of sewing. Sadly, my interesting in the needle arts did not coincide with when she was alive- I am convinced that there’s a lot that I could have learned and I regret it deeply. In the end, I have a gained a deep appreciation for what she accomplished and it will always be an inspiration for me.

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