Picnicking In The Rain

This last Saturday, we were honored to accept an invitation to a picnic sponsored by the Historical Citizens Organization (HCA), a living history group dedicated to portraying civilians of various historical periods (primarily American Civil War). The event was held at Craig Regional Park in Fullerton, a beautiful venue that we visited several times in the past. We dressed up on our best 1870/80s picnic clothing, loaded up the car, and headed out.


Consulting the weather report… 🙂

Unfortunately, the weather was not completely cooperative and not long after we had set our picnic spot and began to eat, it began to sprinkle…and then decided to turn into a full-blown rainstorm. Needless to say, we were compelled to make a hasty retreat to our vehicle but all was not lost, we quickly relocated and the picnic transformed itself into an indoor (and dry) party and the festivities proceeded. 🙂

Here are a couple pictures of the venue from our soon-to-be-rained out picnic spot:


Looking East


Looking West

And here are a couple of pictures of us:



Anticipating the possibility of rain, I opted to wear jodhpurs, leggings, and boots.

Well, we truly experienced the Spring in all its glory and while we heartily welcome the rain here in Southern California, we do wish that it would have chosen another time to make it’s appearance. But, such are the hazards of picnicking and so we must bend to events. 🙂

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