Springtime Color Everywhere…


For us here at Lily Absinthe, springtime is one of our most favorite times of year with its warm weather and plants blooming into new life. Even here in Southern California and Arizona, spring exerts its influence and we are constantly surrounded by it which in turns provides inspiration for many of our designs. 🙂



Even in “dry” Tombstone, springtime arrives in full bloom:

Tombstone House

And yes, roses DO grow in Tombstone: 🙂 Yes,  contrary to popular belief, Arizona is NOT all desert and in fact, with the monsoon season that runs from July to September, many parts of the desert are actually green.

All right, so what does this have to with fashion? Well, a lot in that clothing colors take their cue from nature and that’s where we often begin in deciding what sorts of colors to use in our designs. Just for interest, here are some color palettes from the 19th Century:

Color Palette_1871

Color Palette, c. 1871

Color Palette_1

While by no means complete, these sorts of color do inform our choices. Used with the correct fabrics, they are almost all suitable for the Spring although some are more optimal than others. Lately, we’ve been influenced by softer colors ranging from shades of lavender/purple to salmon and champagne/blue:




Naturally, optimal colors are also going to vary by individual but generally speaking, they seek to harmonize with the surroundings…greet Spring in your new Lily Absinthe Gown! <3

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