Project: Circa 1884 Evening Dress- Part 2

With the newly-released series The Gilded Age, this post and its companions are very timely. Trust us when we say that we’ll have a lot to say about the costuming so stay tuned! 😁

In this post, we continue with the design and construction of our circa 1884-inspired evening dress.

We start by creating the hem, in this case utilizing knife pleating.

Constructing the hem pieces. This involved knife pleating combined with piping along the top.

Voila! And the hem is mounted to the underskirt. The train has been pinned to the rear to see how everything will hang. The waistband will be attached last, after the skirts have been thoroughly tested for fit and how they drape.

Fiona doesn’t approve of Mom working… 😄

To be continued…

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