The Prior Attire Ball In Bath

And finally we reach the high point of our trip to the UK- the Prior Attire Ball! 🙂 Held in the historic Bath Assembly Rooms, the ball lasts for four and a half hours and features various historic set dances as well as waltzes and polkas. In between, a buffet supper is served and there’s a bar. The Assembly Rooms were designed in 1769 and opened in 1771 and were intended as a social center for Bath’s upper crust visitors (to include royalty) who would descend on the town in droves (today, the Fashion Museum Bath is located in the basement of the Assembly Rooms). There are actually a series of rooms of which only one was used for the dancing and the others for the attendees to eat and socialize.


Here I am upon arrival…

After making the usual last-minute preparations, we folded ourselves in a way-too-small taxi and made our way to the Assembly Rooms…but first, there’s the obligatory selfies… 🙂

Prior Attire Ball Bath Karin

Prior Attire Ball Bath Karin

And finally, we made our entrance:

Prior Attire Ball Bath Karin Adam

And the ballgown in all its chartreuse glory…the light blue walls definitely made for an interesting color contrast.

Prior Attire Ball Bath Karin

The ball was attended by a wide variety of people from various parts of the world to include Finland, Germany, France, and the United States, among others. It was a delight meeting like-minded people from all over and everyone was dressed their best- there was a delightful array of ball gowns to be seen. 🙂

Finally, here’s our official portrait that was graciously provided by our hosts:

Adam Karin Bath

It was truly one of the most exciting period dances we’ve ever attended and it far exceeded our expectations. It was a lot of work getting there but it was definitely worth it and we have definite plans to attend in 2019. 🙂


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