And For A Few More From The Vyne…

We’re still sorting through all the pictures that we took in England and here are some more from our trip to The Vyne, an historic manor house located close to Basingstoke in Hampshire. First, here’s another picture of us…the red in the day dress really stands out in the grey background lighting:

And here are a couple with a good friend of ours:  🙂

Here are two of the chapel:

And one of the well-appointed sitting rooms:

And the tomb of Chaloner Chute, himself:

Here’s a better picture that I borrowed from online:

Image result for chaloner chute tomb

And finally, Henry VIII himself:

One thought on “And For A Few More From The Vyne…

  1. I adore the red dress! The buckles on the foreskirt, the exquisite knife pleats at the hem, how the black floral stripes were aligned to stunning effect …. I’m SWOONING here!

    Also–is that portrait of Henry VIII by Holbein?!? Wow!

    Thank you so much for your blog. It truly is a big highlight of my day.

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