At The Atelier

Unique extant early 1890s bodice with all over hand embroidery in a figured style with scattered black glass beads and heavy glass ball edging…she’s one of my secret favorites in my collection. No label, very shapely cut. Currently taking notes from her.



2 thoughts on “At The Atelier

  1. That’s absolutely gorgeous. The glass beads add the perfect amount of reflectiveness to the bodice to catch one’s eye. Would it have been apart of a particular type of dress?

    • Beading was utilized on all dress types, or at least anything meant for wear in public- one sees less beading in tea gowns and none in morning dresses (as a rule). The bodice pictured here would was probably an afternoon or visiting dress but beading could be used to great advantage in evening dresses and ball gowns to reflect the lighting, either gaslight or early electrical.

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