From Inspiration To The Dress…

Here’s a preview of one of our current designs under construction, inspired, in part, by the Agapanthus in my garden.  Periwinkle is one of my favorite colors, it reminds me of the cool shade of summer. I dyed to match this cotton batiste and silk to match my herd of Agapanthus, perfect for a floaty bustle gown!

Image result for pantone color periwinkle blue

Style-wise, this day dress is about circa 1877 and is pattern off of some original garments in our collection. Constructed of a light cotton, this is intended for wear at a picnic or other outdoor occasion.

Karin Day Dress

Yes, I DO work in colors other than chartreuse…

Three rows of knife pleating along the hem combined with a little white lace and black velvet accents…


Of course, one can never have too many knife pleating… 🙂

Karin Day Dress

And our creative consultant Angus the Dog Man poses the minute I start taking dress photos. Seriously, little dude…I’ll take you outside, just give me a minute… 🙂

Working with color can inspire or depress an artist but in this case, this periwinkle has enchanted me, I never get tired of Tissot-inspired gowns. 🙂 Next up is the bodice…stay tuned!

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