From The Atelier…It’s All About Couture

In recent months we have been working furiously to complete our orders while at the same time create new designs for the future which includes constructing gorgeous gowns for our Lily Absinthe line. Recently, we have been working on several bridal commissions and we have been documenting the results to share with our readers and clients, past and future.

Pose de garnitures dans l'atelier de Worth, grand couturier parisien. Paris, 1907.

Atelier Worth, Paris, 1907.

At this time, we want to take this moment to clearly state that we carry a full line of historically-based fashions of which bridal is only one element. If it appears that making bridal wear is all we do, nothing could be further from the truth. We look at 19th and early 20th Century fashion as a whole because it is all interrelated. Whether it’s corsetry and underpinnings, day dresses, evening wear, or bridals, we do it all and we do it with the finest workmanship and materials, based on our own designs and patterns. When we create a garment for you, it’s a one-of-a-kind that’s been constructed for you the individual based on your needs and requirements. In short, we turn dreams into reality and we do everything to ensure that the process is a pleasure.

Heart-clutching waterfalls of taffeta ruffles on our petticoats that make our gowns come to life. 🙂

We are not a mass-production operation nor do we ever intend to be one- we leave that to others. What we offer is one-on-one service: to put it another way, we are everything that couture is all about.


Also, whether it’s just one person or a group, we have the resources and expertise and we have extensive experience in productions both big and small. We oversee all details from start to finish and nothing is left to chance.

Let us create something for you- bridal or otherwise. Be the Fashion Card on the Promenade in your Lily Absinthe Gown <3

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