Taking a Turn Around Hjo, Redux

Our trip to Sweden gave me an opportunity really put my 1890s wardrobe through its paces and it was a total success. The weather and location were perfect and it all came together nicely.

Enjoying a twirl outside a gorgeous 1898 Swedish country house and hoping it doesn’t rain! I had fun today wearing (finally) my new 90s gown with all the restored extant embroidery. We come home to the US on Monday, then I can post the photos from the original museum gown before it was restored and answer questions like: “how did you get your sleeves to stay that big” and other fun thoughts one learns along the way. It’s fun to wear history when one can, but it’s a piece that will require gentle care. The hat is a deaccsession museum piece…another piece that requires gentle handling. The parasol I recovered in silk, then used one of my original lace covers.

NOTE: The video actually plays with the correct side up.

3 thoughts on “Taking a Turn Around Hjo, Redux

  1. Hello there Karin
    Thought I ought to leave a comment as I suddenly realize you’re the Karin that visited our house that lovely afternoon a year ago! I spent the longest time on your brilliant site researching turn of the century evening gowns before I discovered who you were hah. You have immensely useful commentary on fabrics and style, thank you! I’m just coming into this historic sewing business as I’m invited to Madeleine for New Year and hence attempting my first gown. Anyways, hope all is well “over there” and maybe we’ll meet again 🙂

    Much love from Karoline

    PS Loved that my Nelson photobombed you also XD

    • Karoline-

      Thank you for the kind of words. It was lovely visiting your house and Sweden in general. We’ve got plans to return in the future, trust us. 🙂

      Adam & Karin

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