And Now For The Bodice…

It’s Bodice Day, so I’m sewing while corseted and deciding which silk velvet goes with the bodice, black wins! The minute I get up from the floor (hand stitching that pleated ruche on the skirt) Angus comes to inspect and give his opinion. Shhhh…he finally went to sleep!

Angus gives the train a critical examination…

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One thought on “And Now For The Bodice…

  1. I love watching this dress being made, taking shape piece by piece. I especially love how the color and tha patterns coordinate: you have such a lovely combination of shine vs. matte, pattern vs. plain, dark vx. light. You’ve truly hit on a perfect balance of all of these elements.

    Sighhhh ….

    I *adore* this dress.

    Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

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