Last Day…

Last day to finish, skirt and train piece are done except for tacking on that monster pleated ruche and one more bodice fitting. Onward!


2 thoughts on “Last Day…

  1. I will never tire looking at this dress. I’ve commented on it in previous posts but I would like to add here that for many replica dresses I’ve seen online, there is something not-quite-right about them. It took me a long time to realize what they were missing: it’s *weight*.

    So many replicas are made with fabric too light for the era and/or the effect. As a consequence, the entire dress would look “fake” or worse “cheap”. The lighter fabrics just cannot drape properly or hold their shape when gathered, ruffled, or pleated.

    It just looks *wrong*.

    Your red dress here is hitting all the right nails square on their heads, including weight. From there, just about all else depends, after cut and fit.

    Oh, this dress … I swear, I will never tire looking at it. Thank you for this.

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