Lily Absinthe Goes To A Wedding…

This is a bit belated but here’s our wrap-up of the wedding we attended at Heritage Square Museum. First, there’s the venue and what can we say? It’s a wonderful collection of fully restored Victorian Era houses that have been relocated from various parts of Los Angeles to Heritage Square Park and then restored to their former glory. It’s a lovely setting for any sort of a historically-themed event and weddings are no exception. 🙂


All Set Up For The Wedding

The wedding itself was a marvelously planned affair with the ceremony taking place in front of one of one of the houses. The ceremony itself was relatively simple but very beautiful and was well-attended by family and friends. The reception afterwards was simply amazing and included a complete sit-down meal to include wine and champagne- unlike a lot of weddings, the meal was exquisite and much of it was cooked fresh on-site (before leaving, I discretely asked one one of the servers for a business card 🙂 ). Afterwards, the traditional wedding cake was served up along with an array of pastries and cookies. There was more than enough food for everyone and they even urged people to take home the leftovers- a complete class act and simply beyond amazing.

Adam Heritage Square

Sporting My New Boater…

And then the bride…we had re-worked a vintage Edwardian dress that the bride wore for her wedding gown and it was simply amazing to see in the outdoors- while all our work looks marvelous back at the Atelier, much of it doesn’t really “come alive” until viewed outdoors in natural light and this was no exception:


The Bride And Groom



The flowers along with the backdrop of the green lawn and the brightly-colored houses, it really set off the dress, making it stand out (as it should since she’s the bride). The bride was extremely pleased with the result and she thanked us profusely and that made it all worth it. 🙂

Naturally, the event gave us an opportunity to wear some of our best and we took advantage of the period backdrop to get a few pictures of ourselves… 🙂


Right Out Of An Impressionist Painting… 

Adam Heritage Square

One More…I’m a bit more serious here…


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