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It’s been a crazy-busy week here at No. 11 in Tombstone so the blog posts have gotten a tad behind…but here’s some more about the TV production that was partially shot at No. 11. It’s for a production by Fox Latino called Run Coyote, Run which is due to air in 2017. According to one website, the series is about “two unlikely friends join forces to create a business in getting people through the US border” and No. 11 in Tombstone would be filling for Naco.


Getting Set Up

While we’ve worked on our share of film and television projects, this one is the first time we’ve been involved as a filming location. Horror stories abound of location shoots that have gone bad but what we experienced was quite the opposite and it was overall a pleasant experience. The entire crew was very professional and easy to work with and it event turned out that some of the crew members and ourselves had mutual friends- small world. Interestingly enough, the crew had a mix of Mexicans and Americans but everything seemed to work just fine.


Rigging The Lighting- The door to the right was replaced with a “stunt door.” 

Most of the filming involved exterior shots of the house, mostly at night, and while this presented no problem, we did have to work around a succession of rainstorms passing through Tombstone (great timing, that). The one major element was that one of the characters would be breaking the windows in a door in a drunken rage so the production crew replaced one of the front doors with a new one purchased at Lowe’s (everything was set right at the end to include clean-up). As things turned out, because of the delays caused by the rainstorms, they had to film part of a second evening so everything actually took two days from start to finish.


The “Stunt Door” from the outside.

While this experience was somewhat outside of our normal realm of fashion and history, it was still an interesting experience and we met some amazing people who we hope we can work work with in the future.


Another view of the bedroom and the “stunt door”…


Molly was not happy having her space invaded…


Equipment Everywhere…

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