Lily Absinthe Takes A Look At Chartreuse

Color is one of the basic building blocks in fashion design and we are constantly on the lookout for colors that will enhance the overall aesthetics of our designs. In the course of researching some dresses, we came across a dress that utilizes chartreuse, ochre/gold, and green for dramatic effect and we thought that we would share it with you:  🙂

Day Dress 1870s

Day Dress, c. Early 1870s; Centre de Documentació i Museu Tèxtil, Barcelona, Spain (11899)

Day Dress 1870s

Frontal Close-Up

The chartreuse base fabric appears to be a faille and the trim is a combination of yellow ochre and light green/chartreuse (it’s hard to tell exactly from the picture).

Day Dress 1870s

Side Profile

Day Dress 1870s

Rear View; Unfortunately, the skirt is discolored, most likely from poor storage at some point.

And here are some more details:

The basic fashion fabric is what appears to be a chartreuse-colored silk faille with the bodice and skirt front trimmed in yellow ochre and light green; the hem is trimmed in four rows of knife pleating. Also, the hem guard appears to be in green that matches the trim (you can see the hem guard peeking out from beneath the bottom row of knife pleating.

Finally, here’s a rough color palette:


The above is merely one of many different design schemes possible but it’s definitely one on our list. :-).

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