More 1880s Style…

Fashions of the 1880s have always been a source of fashion inspiration for us and we’re constantly in search of interesting examples. We recently came across this example of a dress done in a pseudo-waistcoat and jacket style that utilizes horizontal and vertical stripes in harmonious manner. The pictures were obtained off the net and might have been on an vintage clothing auction website at one time but it’s a bit ambiguous; thus, nothing was obtainable on its provenance.1For reasons unknown, the copy associated with the dress is for a completely different dress and the confusion has been perpetuated by endless copying from one Pinterest board to another. Usually we can work out the original source of the pictures but this one completely eludes us at this time.

The dress appears to be constructed from a solid ivory-colored material combined with a medium old gold/brown and black pin-striped material. The front of the skirt combines broad horizontal ivory-colored knife-peated stripes with narrow black and old gold/brown vertical stripes.  Below is a close-up of the bodice where we can see that it buttons up the front.

Here’s a better view of the striped fashion fabric and cuff. The black stripes could maybe be a black velvet on a base of old gold/brown-colored fabric, perhaps a corded silk faille. The cuff is finished with two separate layers of gold and dark brown silk satin. The cuff is then finished with a knife-pleated chiffon-like material.

Below is another close-up, this time of the rear skirting. One can see that the stripes have been carefully lined on on the seams.

And side and rear profile views:

The train is interesting in that it’s in the solid ivory fashion fabric and trimmed in gold and brown silk satin. This provides a somewhat stark contrast with the striped fashion fabric. The dress silhouette reads mid to late 1880s although the lack of proper undergarments makes for a somewhat limp rear silhouette- there would be a bit more of a train. The photo below gives a better view of the train:

This is a great example of mid to late 1880s style and we really wish that there had been background information about this. However, we can make some educated guesses in regard to style, silhouette, and materials. If, and when, we find out more, we shall up this so in the meantime, enjoy the pictures! 🙂

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