Under Construction…

It’s full speed ahead here at the Atelier as we finish up some client orders and complete work on my ballgown for the Prior Attire Ball in Bath. We’re only a week off before we had out and the pressure is on…. 🙂 At this point, you’re probably wondering what will be this year’s creation…well, you’ll have to wait for the big reveal BUT we can give a few details.  The theme this year is mid to late 1880s so that’s driving the basic design- this dress will be circa 1883-1885. In contrast to the earlier, Mid Bustle style, the train on this dress will not be as long since we now have a fuller bustle in play. Here’s the train under construction:

The train balayeuse may look long here but bear in mind that this is without the bustle picking up some of the length. Also, for convenience, the train will be detachable. The  balayeuse (literally translated, balayeuse means street sweeper in French, an apt description) itself consists of tree layers of knife pleated silk organza along with the train base fabric of silk faille with a scalloped edge.

Here’s a view of the construction from the underside. The arrangement of the balayeuse layers consists of three layers of silk organza trimmed with lace along with one layer of silk faille with scalloped edges which makes up the base fabric.

The source of inspiration for the balayeuse? Charles Worth, of course. Here’s the are some pictures of the balayeuse from a Worth ballgown in our collection:

Note that the under-hem can easily be detached from the hem if necessary.

Here’s a close-up of the knife-pleating along with lace remnants on the edge.

And of course, the label… 🙂

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