1880s Style- Texture And Color

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3 thoughts on “1880s Style- Texture And Color

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  2. Besides the Moire fabric, what other types of fabrics would have been used during this time period to make these gowns. Was it primarily silk, or were cottons/velvets used?

    I am researching the fabric and dress construction of this time period, and this article is really helpful! Thank you!

    • For ball and evening gowns, as well as a lot of day wear, the primary fabric was silk. Moire just describes one of many different weaves, all using silk. Depending, you could have silk satin, silk moire, silk taffeta, silk bengalene, and that’s just a few. These fabrics could also be a cotton/silk blend. Most of these fabrics are still produced today. Any decent textiles textbook can give you the basics but you’ll then have to research from there. This book might also prove useful:

      Vintage Victorian Textiles (Schiffer Book for Designers & Collectors)

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