Out On The Town

For Valentine’s Day, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go visit some of our usual haunts in Tombstone. One of first stops was the OK Corral:

Adam_OK Corrall

Now, while this is designated as being the OK Corral, in reality the corral was located to some distance to the right and in front of where I am standing. Also, in 1881 the wall to my left didn’t exist. However, I am standing on roughly where the famous gun fight did occur; the gunfight occurred in the area between the Camillus Sydney Fly boarding house (the reconstructed blue structure on the right of the picture) and the residence of William Harwood which was located off to the left of the picture (it no longer stands).

Although the Sanborn map below was made in 1886 after the entire area had burnt down in a fire on May 25, 1882 (many of the burnt down buildings were rebuilt in the same locations), it does give a pretty good idea of the gunfight’s location:

Sanborn Insurnance Map1

OK, this is probably more detail that you might have wanted… 🙂

We then proceeded to take some pictures at one of our most favorite spots, the reconstructed CS Fly photo studio:



A linen suit is definitely the order of the day and the perfect choice given the sunny weather in town. Of course, one never knows if it will rain so one must be prepared so I had my trusty umbrella with me. Me and Johnny Behan would have made quite a pair! 🙂

And now for Karin…



The basic color scheme here is blue silk taffeta and silk chiffon in shades of taupe and ivory, with figured antique lace pieces, perfect for springtime.

We then proceeded to take a walk up Allen Street. It was gratifying to see a large number of visitors in town and while things were not as crowded as on a major event weekend such as Helldorado, there was still a lot of people. Always a good thing! 🙂

Afterwards, we returned home where Mac joined us for some portraits:


It’s always amusing having Mac pose for pictures- he gets all squint-eyed and tries to stare everyone down. If he could be a gunslinger, he would! 🙂  Overall it was a nice day for us and provided a good way to decompress from a busy schedule.

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