And For Some More Out Of Tombstone….

Today in Tombstone it was a bit warmer but that did not not deter us from going in to town and checking out the sights. Of course, we had a bit of a wardrobe change and today I decided to try pairing up my light green/putty-colored linen coat and vest with a pair of chocolate brown cotton corduroy riding breeches. Karin decided to try out her recently re-worked aqua-colored day dress made of a vintage silk blend with cotton ruffles.


The Lily Absinthe Rule: Never wear the same outfit two days in a row.


Me with my new riding breeches.

And because I couldn’t resist:


Mac and Adam. Mac is trying to act tough and stare down the camera.

Naturally, we decided make another visit to the restored C.S. Fly Photography Gallery at the OK Corral and take some more portraits (got to love modern technology sometimes). We also spent some time talking to tourists and posing for pictures.

It was nice to see a lot of visitors in town; things have been slow to recover from the economic problems of 2008 – 2010 and every event weekend that attracts crowds is a good thing in our book. We look forward to returning in October 16-18, 2015 for Helldorado Days. In the meantime, stay turned for more! 🙂

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