And Some More About The Lucy Dress

It’s been a few weeks since the Lucy dress had its debut at the fashion show at Clockwork Alchmey and we’re slowly getting settled back in to our normal routine here at the Atelier. The Lucy dress represents an exciting new departure for us in that we decided to try something with a decidedly “Goth” inspiration.

Named after Lucy Westenra, the ill-fated friend of Mina Harker in Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the subsequent Dracula movies, the Lucy was inspired by images, gardens, and midnight gallivanting, and a touch of Midnight in Garden of Good and Evil… 🙂

And now for some inspiration, there’s nothing like an old sepulcher:


Courtyard by Victoria Ying, © 2006 – 2016


And of course, a cemetery located in the deep south, in this case Savannah, Georgia.




And of course, we had to include the iconic image from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil… 🙂


Now for a little more on the color pallette- Our color pallette is based on shades of amethyst: amethyst by day and amethyst by night; in short, it’s a series of shades of blue-based violet colors. The blue-based violets are a considered tertiary colors, combining a primary color, in this case blue, with a secondary color, violet (which lies midway between the primary colors of blue and red).

Here’s just one of several color pallettes that we drew upon:

HOF_ColorPalette_Halloween_2 (2)

For our purposes, we wanted fabrics with the violet being iridescent, suggesting the play of moonlight over the fabric. Here’s some of our inspiration from the natural world:




Now here are some views of the dress itself:



Rear View Of The Train


The creative path we took was a fascinating one, especially since these sorts of colors are not ones that we usually worked with in the past but we are very pleased with the results and we fully intend on pursue this more in future designs. Stay tuned for more in future posts. 🙂

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