Lily Absinthe Goes Picnicing…

Today we decided to take the day off and go to a picnic…but not just any kind of picnic but a Victorian-themed one. 🙂 The picnic was held at Rancho Camulos, one of hte last surviving examples of a Californio rancho and it’s a wonderful location. Established by Ygnacio Del Valle in 1853, Rancho Camulos was once part of a 48,000 acre Mexican land grant deeded to Ygnacio’s father Antonio Del Valle in 1839. Also, most notably, Rancho Camulos is also the purported setting for Helen Jackson Hunt’s famous book Ramona.

Below are some pictures from the day’s festivities:


The two of us with a friend.


The two of us- somehow I managed to squint during this picture. Go figure.


Me striking a pose in the grape arbor.


Karin posing in a version of our new Camille dress design.


And another of me in the grape arbor.

The weather was perfect and it was easy to lose all sense of time, relaxing in the cool ocean breezes underneath shady trees. The time was all too short. 🙂

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