Helldorado Days- Day 1


On my way to town.

If there’s one thing that’s constant about the weather in Tombstone, it’s changeable. Last night a strong storm front moved into the area bringing thunder, lightening, and a lot of rain. The thunder was so loud that it felt like someone was dropping artillery shells just outside our house and needless to say, the dogs were not happy about it one bit.

This morning has opened up with grey overcast skies and the threat of rain. This is contrast to what I encountered on the day before on Allen Street: 🙂

Yesterday, I decided to scout around town while Karin stayed home working on various projects and preparing her own toilette:


One can never have enough knife pleats…

Heading into town, I soon arrived on Allen Street at about Noon:

Allen Street1

Allen Street2

Allen Street looking North towards 4th Street.

Although it had been cloudy and actually cool most of the morning, by Noon the clouds had cleared out a bit and it had warmed up a bit. I spend a pleasant afternoon walking in town, taking in the sights and meeting friends. Since it was Friday, there were not a lot of people about.

Crystal Palace1

The Golden Eagle Brewery aka The Crystal Palace; 5th Street is to the right.

On my travels, I decided to get a picture of the Golden Eagle Brewery, also known as the Crystal Place. Just for comparison, here is a picture of the Crystal Palace in earlier years, taken from a different angle, looking at it from the south side:


The Crystal Palace circa 1900s, looking northeast from the intersection of 5th and Allen Streets.

After a few hours, I headed home. Reflecting on things a bit (I tend to do that a lot), it can be said that while it’s a 30-second gunfight that initially gave Tombstone its notoriety, there a lot more history to the town that may be a lot less exciting but had more impact in the long run. In many respects, the history of Tombstone and Southern Arizona representative of the history of the Old West and how the American West became what it is today.

Well, further adventures (perhaps wet ones with all the rain) await! 🙂

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