Helldorado Days- Day 2

Today in Tombstone once again began grey and overcast with the threat of rain. After dressing, we left the house and headed in to town. Naturally, we took an umbrella for insurance but as fate would have it, there was no need for it. The weather gods decided to smile favorably upon us and by the time we had arrived in town, about 11:30 am, it had begun to clear with the sun coming out, accompanied by a gentle breeze. In short, it was a perfect day for being in town. 🙂


Getting ready…yes, although we design for the 19th Century, we’re still rooted in the 21st Century.

And here are a couple images of us, now all ready to go to town:


Ready to go to town…I even brought an umbrella “just in case”… 🙂


For starters, we decided to check out the Helldorado Fashion Show. Sponsored  by a local volunteer group, the fashion show presented a variety of 1880s fashions reflecting their different skill levels and ideas. Now bear in mind that the participants are all volunteers and their presentations reflect a variety of skill levels.



Competition was keen and each participant went all-out put on their best presentation. We commend everyone who took the time and made the effort. Only through constant effort and experimentation can we all grow.

Afterwards, we wandered Allen Street and meet up with some good friends of ours who were spending the day in Tombstone:



Later on, we met up with some folks from the group Tombstone Legends:


Afterwards, we attended a delightful one-man performance about the life and times of Doc Holliday that was presented by our good friend Steven Keith. Set against the backdrop of a faro game that the audience participates in, Mr. Keith presents another side to the life of Doc Holliday that one rarely sees and he does raise some interesting questions. It was definitely an enjoyable experience even though you had to keep an eye on doc as he worked the cards… 🙂

Picture of a previous performance- Unfortunately, I was unable to get a picture when we were there.

Overall, it was a great day and it only underscores why we keep coming back to Tombstone so often. There were many sights to see and we are pleased that there were a lot of visitors in town- after the financial upheavals of 2008 – 2011, tourism in Tombstone suffered greatly and the associated industries along with it. It’s great to see that there’s a bit of a revival going on and we sincerely hope the best for the future.

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