No. 11 Wrap-Up

I love my work…there is no need for a vacation…EVER! This was a great grip to our No. 11 in Tombstone and a few “sanctioned” images with amazing ones to come.


6 am at Gila Bend…my SUV had two racks of clothes and was filled to the top. Yikes!


Molly and Mac, my two JR Terrier peep travel pals (and creative consultants). πŸ™‚


Contrary to what you may thing, we love Arizona equally to California and I consider it limiting to think of “Home” as one place…Home is a state of mind.


The first thing I like to do when I get to my town is to reward myself with a drive around the historic quarter. 17 years now…and it NEVER gets old. Yes, it’s been that long…we’ve outlasted everyone. Wow.

Β wp-1467836189769.jpg

No trip to our No. 11 would be complete without hauling some antique sewing machines, and this trip was no different. This trip, I brought two…


Old House Life means Old House Chores. Behold my glamour displayed on our “Arizona Porch.” I’ve always liked the view of the faux Old West Town behind out yard, it’s a great view when one naps on the porch.


This is where I take my morning calls and messages. I love my Gothic Revival tea set, it’s creepy cool with lion heads and gargoyle’s…so Victorian…AND an “M” monogram. It was meant to be mine. <3


The view from my workroom at No. 11, complete with view. There’s four sewing stations and ten machines in there alone…wheew!


First day’s shoot pile of ironing and cleaning… Have fun in town, I’ve got work to do! πŸ™‚


Want to get under a Lily Absinthe skirt? You’ll find pretty padded hems and ruffled taffeta balayeuses. Beauty starts from within! <3


Jack Russell Terrorists also double as alarm clocks. Heed their cry or suffer the consequences!


My inspiration model for our “Lucy” gown has gorgeous red hair, so I thought I’d be consistent. I don’t have her amazing beauty but I can channel up a bit of moxie when required. πŸ™‚


Snapped a continuity selfie on the fainting couch…nope, I’m happier as a brunette. Red was a lot of fun, though!


The front porch at our No. 11 with comfy chairs and a honeysuckle vine that brings the bees to my yard. Sometimes I just call it “The house with the machine on the porch.” πŸ™‚ Small town…REALLY small town. πŸ˜‰

Β wp-1467838158298.jpg

I finished a gown and half, a wedding bodice, a corset, dressed three photo shoots, and location scouted on this trip. Do not mess with me! Feeling kick*ss and powerful. πŸ™‚


“Gracious, we could be sisters.” A sister from another mother.


A moment with an incredible feeling of “release.” There’s nothing like Arizona wide-open spaces and sparkly summer skies.


Yes, I am shameless, and here is the proof. πŸ™‚


Every proper home should have a piano, and yes I play. This Eastlake beauty isn’t perfectly in tune, but there’s still a lifetime in those ivories.


This is what “tired” looks like. You have no idea just how much.


One of my favorite places in town, a time capsule of history. Stay tuned for more! πŸ™‚

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