On The Road…Pop Haydn’s Shindig


Last night we had a marvelous opportunity to attend an event put on by a good friend of ours Pop Haydn. For those of you who many not know, Pop is a magician and a regular fixture at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles where he performs regularly. In his act, Pop takes on the persona of a 19th Century medicine show/con man and he gives a marvelous performance. We have seen him perform many times and he never fails to impress, especially with his “Magnetic Water” act. Last night we were treated to Pop’s “Miracle Oil” act and it was quite something- the patter is amazing as he distracts the audience when he sets up his various tricks.

Naturally, we also put in an appearance, setting up a display of some of our corsetry and dresses: 🙂


The show provided a nice break from an otherwise very busy week and we did not regret attending. 🙂

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