Some More 1896 Style As Featured In La Mode Pratique…

Today as part of our fashions from 1896, featured in La Mode Pratique is another interesting style, in this case a green and black striped day dress.

The dress is described as:

Silk dress of leaf green silk pekin and garnished of a collar and a draped belt of wonderful silk satin. Jabot of light cream lace.

That pretty much sums it up nicely and it’s everything we would have expected. It’s interesting to see the stripe pattern on the skirt- the front is vertical and the sides angled, no doubt because the fabric flows to follow the skirt’s gores. For the bodice, the stripes spiral upward and the stripes become horizontal on the upper sleeves while straightening out on the lower sleeves. Although one would think that the stripes running in all directions would be a confusing, jumbled mess, they’re not. The stripe patterns actually work together to create a harmonious whole. Now to track down some silk pekin… 😉

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