The View At No. 11…

This weekend was a just a brief turnaround, intended as more of checking up on the renovation work that’s been going on for about a month now. This project is going to take a bit longer than originally planned since various issues have arisen in the course of the renovation that need to be addressed- that always seems to be the way it works with any sort of remodeling/renovation, you never know sometimes what lies underneath the walls and floor… 🙂 Well, fortunately nothing major but it all adds up time-wise (and budget-wise) so it’s looking like everything will be complete in about a year.

Tombstone House No. 11 Renovations

Chartreuse is definitely the order of the day here along with gray bead-boarding and white trim. The cabinets will also be repainted and while it’s hard to make out, the floor is a tile that looks like wood planks.

However, it’s all being handled in stages so we’ll be able to utilize the house but it means a lot of shuffling. The first major phase of the operation, the kitchen, is actually close to being finished and it’s going to create a roomy, cozy space that will serve as the heart of the house. For the next phase, we’ll be renovating the bathroom to install tile and make it all user-friendly while preserving the period ambiance closely followed by the parlor and bedroom (more on that later- there are going to be some major changes there. 🙂 ).

The past year and a half have been filled with near-constant house renovations and general chaos so we’re definitely looking forward to it all coming to completion. While it may be inconvenient in the short term, it will pay off in the long run. 🙂

Finally, we just want to emphasize that as far as business goes, not to worry- we’re still very much in production although things are being operated exclusively out of our Los Angeles location for now. We have plans to return for Wyatt Earp Days at the end of May so look for us then! 🙂

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