It’s All About The Pattern…

One of the questions that we are asked is: “What pattern did you use?” It’s a tricky question from our perspective, because we are designers and not teachers. Our answer is that we pattern them ourselves, I prefer to carefully “lift” them from original garments; Adam loves original pattern sheets and old diagrams with apportioning scales. It’s how we roll, it’s what we also do for fun.

Long story short: Check out the beautiful copper silk gown in the above picture, it’s a beautifully made antique garment that must have been worn only once or twice. I fell in love with the bodice shape and carefully lifted a pattern, then scaled it up to a “modern” 12, then my own size as well. The violet plaid gown is the size 12, and yet it retains the same shape (except I “shallow v’d” the neck and pointed the tails) as the original bodice.

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