A Night At The Territorial Days Ball

Adam _Karin3

Last night it was all glitter and glamour at the Second Annual Territorial Days Ball here in Tombstone.  🙂 I opted for a more formal look and while it’s technically  more of a formal day look, it still fills the bill (not too worry, plans for a formal white-tie style outfit are in the works). Karin, on the other hand, opted for a gown designed along our Anastasia line. Originally scheduled to be held in Schieffelin Hall, the event was ultimately moved to the local high school due to Fire Marshal concerns over the numbers of attendees so unfortunately, the ambiance was not the most optimal for dancing. However, the band was excellent and the music went a long way to countering this. Naturally, we took the opportunity to dance as many waltzes as were offered on the dance card. 🙂


Newly-Arrived And Ready To Waltz…

Naturally, Karin took the opportunity to put the Anastasia gown through its paces and worked that bayleuse like a boss! 🙂 The secret? A perfect silhouette created through a new trained petticoat custom designed and fitted to precisely match the skirt shape. Also, the skirt and the trained petticoat are tied together so when the train hook is lifted for dancing, the movement is harmonious and displays a confection of ruffles. The whole idea is for the skirt and trained petticoat to move as one unit, thus creating the perfect period silhouette.

Of course, getting ready for a ball is somewhat involved process so here are few pictures of Karin:


First, the Petticoat…


Then the skirt…


And finally, the bodice…Et Voila!

And finally, we have a confection of sheer elegance executed to achieve the perfect silhouette combined with a balanced arrangement various fabrics, pleating, ruffles, and trim to achieve the true Lily Absinthe look! 🙂

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