At The Dressmaker’s Cottage At No. 11…

Day Three of a working trip out West (technically east for me) in “guess where,” Arizona at our No. 11. Yesterday was location scouting, today involved some of our elaborate signature gowns and trying not to curse the monsoon rain which chased us all back indoors. I’ve got a staging room full of gowns to organize and saying goodbye to today’s haircolor- today I was a redhead, tomorrow will be platinum. I can’t wait to take this wig and hairpiece off and scrub off these red eyebrows…variety is always fun, but I’m happiest as brunette.

Below are just a few pictures…does the dress look familiar? It should, this is the “Lucy” dress that made its first appearance at Clockwork Alchemy back in May. 🙂


Our Lily Absinthe Corsetry & Couture’s “Lucy” gown, worn at “The Dressmaker’s Cottage” at No. 11, Old West Tombstone…note the JR Terrier at the bottom left… 🙂


Our “Lucy” gown, in the front parlor bedroom…


And another view of the “Lucy” dress…don’t mind the whirling JR Terrier in the front… 😉


And the joyful sight of all of today’s gowns, which get to be pressed and hung up for next week…a designer’s work is never done. 🙂

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