Lilie Absinthe On The Road In Pearce, Arizona


Under sparkling Arizona skies…

Today finds us on the road to Pearce, Arizona to get some pictures of our dress designs in what are, admittedly, probably some of the most lonely places in Arizona today but rich in Western history going to back the mid-19th Century when Americans came to this country in search of silver and gold and to raise cattle. For openers, below is our signature “Camille” day dress in shades of lavender which made its debut at Clockwork Alchemy a few short months ago:


And here’s a better view from the front porch at No. 11:


And naturally, there were a few friends to help us out: 🙂


And in the middle of nowhere, I found myself! 🙂


And finally, it was time to head home:


Stay tuned for the fashion pictures themselves! <3

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