What’s On At Lily Absinthe For Late June

The month of June in Southern California is often a battle between the cooling effect of “June gloom” and extreme, blast-furnace like heat. Fortunately, the blast-furnace heat has thankfully backed off but the pace is still hectic here at Lily Absinthe as we get ready to once again hit the road and head out to No. 11 in Tombstone. Here are just a few pictures of what we’re working on- yes, make no mistake, there are a lot of ruffles and knife pleating! 🙂

Here we see red and gold silk being blended with red velvet- combinations are often a matter of contrasting fabric textures as well as colors, all blended together to create a rich, three-dimensional look. This is not something that can be achieved with substandard yardage. 😉


And here we have flaming copper taffeta pleats, ruffles, piping, and piped silk velvet bands all at the ready for next week’s new project…


And even late into the night, we’re working on a copper taffeta waterfall of ruffles, flounces, and pleats- can you see a color theme at work here? 🙂


The above effects are only a small sampling of our capabilities here at Lily Absinthe- we work in all manner of colors and fabrics so as to achieve a look that’s unique to the individual client. Let us design a dress just for you. <3

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