Lily Absinthe At Clockwork Alchemy


It’s been so busy that we haven’t been able to get many pictures of us but here’s one. 🙂

 It’s been crazy busy here for us here at Clockwork Alchemy. Between presentations, meeting with clients, and getting ready for the fashion show, we’ve haven’t slowed down (much) and we’re getting by on way too little sleep and room service. The terrier peeps have been keeping us company and keeping our spirits up- they’ve been the most well-behaved dogs and have been acting as good-will ambassadors. We owe them big when we get home.


Terrier Peeps

On the presentation side, yesterday we presented Bygone Bijoux and we think it went pretty well although it was thinly attended because of the 5 pm time slot. The audience was mostly a younger crowd than we’re used to and I think we exposed some people to new possibilities in regard to using accessories and small details to really set off their costumes and communicate to others their impression- i.e., the look they’re trying to create. One thing we thought was interesting was that the younger crowd getting into costuming/living history/steampunk et al. are not as aware of the potential sources out there. For future presentations, we’ll prepare some sort of a hand-out on sources.


Taking a small break…

For costumes, things are moving into high gear as we prepare for the fashion show (which follows another presentation we’re doing). As with all new creations, there’s always various last-minute adjustments to be made along with some precision ironing to ensure that every pleat hangs just right.


Pleating like a boss…in a hotel room… 🙂


We’ve brought the Altelier with us… 🙂


We even brought our portable vintage Singer 301 sewing machine- it goes with us everywhere to events, weddings, et al.

So here’s to another busy day- stay tuned!

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