Behind The Scenes At The Atelier: Our Sewing Machines

I truly believe an Artist is most inspired when working with beautiful tools. Each one is a treasure and deserves respect. <3


Every Lily Absinthe order in the past four years or so has parts (or all) sewn on this machine. A 1949 Singer 201 on my Art Deco Industrial base…My Dream machine! Most of my phone calls are taken from here. 🙂


We ALWAYS have a sewing machine in the back of the car when we attend weddings or events. This little 221 has seen over 50 weddings and used countless times for emergencies <3


This is Adam’s Machine…because Real Men Sew. Made in the early 1960s and built like a brick…the machine, not my husband! 😉


A Canadian Beauty. One of the first Industrial treadles made by Singer. She can sew through anything and with that huge flywheel can easily get away from the operator. If you visit me here, she’s a must-try.


My first industrial from the mid-1980s. She went through a wall in the Northridge Earthquake…the wall across the room. An amazing machine.


Many a corset has been sewn with this little 1903 charmer that was converted to electric in the 1940s.


A rare American Beauty that is new to us here at Lily Absinthe. Check out the peacock motifs…


Of course, the peacock machine has the most beautiful Tiger Oak Cabinet. My aesthetic Spiderweb teapot is perfect here <3


Sewing machines are everywhere here, the 1890s Jones hand-crank lives on top of the piano at the top left of the photo.


Our 1920s fireplace hearth with its friends.

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